2023 Honda Giorno


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2023 Honda® Giorno

Features may include:

Engine & Drivetrain
  • V-Matic Automatic Transmission

The Giorno’s multi-speed automatic transmission means no shifting ever—not even into park or neutral. Just turn the key, press the starter button, and go!

  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)

The Giorno features a liquid-cooled 49cc four-stroke engine with fuel injection. It’s quiet, economical, and super reliable—everything you’d expect from a Honda.

Chassis & Suspension
  • Combined Braking System

Activate the rear brake, and CBS automatically adds front braking to help you stop.

  • 22-liter Underseat Storage

The Giorno features a large under-seat storage area big enough for a helmet, your books, or some groceries. The storage area features a lock for added security and is weather-resistant too.

  • Instruments

A clean, stylish instrument panel is right in line with the Giorno’s smart design.

  • Convenience Hook

A super easy way to hang a tote, grocery bag, or purse strap, the hook is big and easy to use.