2022 BMW R 1250 GS Style Rallye



Touring395 Kms


BASICALLY BRAND NEW! This bike has the Dynamic Package as well as heated seats, heated grips, cruise control, LED driving lights, and Enduro footrests!

2022 BMW R 1250 GS Style Rallye


Unbridled curiosity, the courage to discover something new again and again: This is what the R 1250 GS stands for. It has been an icon for four decades - and still continues to inspire with new features. The new LED light design gives it a brilliant appearance and offers maximum visibility: This is ensured by the LED swivelling headlights with adaptive headlights and the Cruising Light. Additional equipment such as seat heating give you extra comfort and, thanks to the seven riding modes, you can master any driving situation with confidence. With this GS, your thirst for discovery knows no bounds. You live the #SpiritOfGS.

Features may include:

  • LED flashing turn indicators as standard with Cruising Light option

Increase visibility thanks to their strong luminosity. The Cruising Light keeps the front indicators constantly dimmed and ensures a striking appearance, especially at night and in poor visibility. *Note - The Cruising Light is shown here with the daytime running light activated in the headlight. The daytime running light is not approved for use in Canada at this time.

  • Handlebar risers of 30 mm

Ensure a relaxed posture and give you much more control when riding standing up.

  • Enduro package for trips off-road

Less road, more fun: Engine protection bar, sports suspension, handlebar risers and off-road tires invite you to explore routes way off the beaten track.

  • Comfortable heated seat

Easily adjustable to several levels, it provides you and your passenger with comfortable warmth in low temperatures and on long tours.

  • Adaptive headlight with LED swiveling headlight

Enables the best possible illumination of the inner curve area.

  • Riding modes Pro and ECO Modus

Fun at the touch of a button: The Pro riding modes are adapted to different riding styles and give you even more control over your bike with features such as the new dynamic engine brake control. The new ECO Mode in series gets the most out of every full fuel tank.

  • DTC and ABS Pro in series

Enable precise handling in every riding situation: ABS Pro stabilizes the bike when braking while leaned over. DTC prevents the rear wheel from spinning on surfaces with little grip.

  • Connectivity with TFT display and USB remote positive terminal

The TFT display connects your smartphone and bike together and, together with the BMW Connected App, enables you to find your route, listen to music and make phone calls safely while on the move. Thanks to the new USB socket, your smartphone never runs out of power when you’re on the road.