2015 KTM 350 XCF-W


2015 Stock# 11975152



ONLY 5.1 HOURS! This bike has only been ridden a handful of times and has lots of extras. It comes with a Rekluse clutch, aluminum skid plate, and acerbis barkbusters.

2015 KTM 350 XCF-W


The 350 XCF-W is the ultimate machine when four-stroke rideability and maximum enduro performance are called for. Thanks to its compact, powerful DOHC engine, its low weight and its perfectly tuned suspension, this machine masters each and every tough spot in cross-country riding with ease. And thanks to its excellent handling, it always holds the advantage when the going gets tough. The longer the distance, the more the rider benefits from this, pros and beginners alike.

Features may include:

The 350cc 4-stroke engine with a state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection offers a very wide power band and is distinguished by a dynamic but fatigue proof power delivery. At over 45hp of maximum power, the 350 XCF-W is strong enough to beat any 450.


The 350 engine is equipped with two oil pumps. A pressure pump provides reliable lubrication for the crankshaft, piston, counter balance shaft and valve train, while cooling the ignition and lubricating the clutch. A scavenger pump draws oil from the crankcase to lubricate the transmission. This also creates a small vacuum within the crankcase, which increases engine performance. For MY 2015, the oil pump suction screen has new O-rings that increase durability under extreme conditions and over time.


Compared to the 350 SX-F, the 350 XCF-W has a heavier crankshaft in order to achieve a more even power delivery and better traction through the greater gyrating mass. The crankshaft employs a plain big end bearing. Two force-fitted bearing shells run directly on the crank pin. The necessary oil feed for this bearing is delivered by the engine’s pressure lubrication. This design increases the engine’s long-term durability, lengthening crankshaft service intervals – a customer benefit in terms of time, effort and cost.


In order to balance the mass-forces, the 350 XCF-W engine has a counter balancer shaft on the right side, doubling as a water pump drive and cam chain drive wheel. This solution is a major contribution to the extremely compact engine layout.


The single-piece basket of the DDS clutch (damped diaphragm steel) is machined from solid high-tensile steel in one piece together with the primary drive gear. This process provides unbeatable reliability and contributes to the narrow engine width due to its compact rivet-less design. This construction also allows the use of thin steel linings that contribute to the compact clutch dimensions. The diaphragm spring makes it possible to implement an additional rubber damping system inside the clutch hub, which offers the certainty of reliability for the transmission and good traction. For MY 2015, the clutch basket has been reworked, making it lighter. To compliment the diaphragm spring the Brembo hydraulic clutch mechanism offers a very light operation and good, controllable modulation of the clutch.


The Engine Management System by Keihin with electronic fuel injection and a 42mm throttle body ensures a spontaneous response and maximum engine performance.


The crankshaft drives an intermediate shaft on the side which in turn drives the coolant pump and the two camshafts via the cam chain while at the same time acting as a counter balancer. A hydraulic chain tensioner enesures reliable chain tension to achieve highly precise valve timings.