2016 Timbersled Long Track [LT] Kit


2016 Stock# 11294434



VERY MINIMAL USE! This Timbersled LT137 has only been used a handful of times. Like new and ready to go!

2016 Timbersled Mountain Horse Long Track [LT] Kit

The 2016 Mountain Horse LT is the undisputed king of the steeps. If you can’t handle 2nd place, or you crave those 4’ deep powder days- the LT is your steed.

Features may include:

  • Uses Fixed Strut or New Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS) Fit Kits
  • 137” x 12.5” Convex 2.5 Track
  • New Long Arm Convex Pivoting Suspension
  • 3.3 gallon fuel can and quick release strap system included
  • Offers more traction than any other kit on the planet
  • Custom valved FOX Zero Pro shocks
  • Many cargo accessories available
  • Kit includes: Track system, spindle, 10” Backcountry ski and 3.3 gal. fuel can
  • Requires a Fit Kit to install (described below)
  • Note: Shown with optional Cargo Box
  • Who should ride the LT kit?

    The LT is for the rider who deliberately chooses to go out on those waist-deep days and loves it. It’s for the rider who likes to break trail, and who wants to know he’s riding what it takes to get back up the gnarly ravine he just came down. It’s also for the rider who lives to explore; and doesn’t want to worry about riding fast or carrying speed through a tough spot; because the LT has the float and traction to pull through. Whether you’re a fast rider, or a beginner, the LT is pure confidence on snow. Like the shorter ST, the LT works very well in many different snow conditions. It is very stable on the trail, and provides a solid feel.

    While any weight rider will do well on the LT, we suggest that any riders over about 220lbs seriously consider the LT over the ST to gain added float and traction. The LT works well on many bikes, but we recommend the LT for 450cc’s and up. The LT has also found its home on the 300cc 2-strokes with good success. Overall, the LT is the most confidence inspiring, will pull the steepest line on a hill, and is the most forgiving Mountain Horse kit on deeper days.

    Kit includes: Track system, spindle, 10” Backcountry ski, 3.3 gal. fuel can and quick release strap system. Requires a Fit Kit.