2022 Honda CRF250R


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2022 Honda® CRF250R

Lighter, stronger, and durable enough to dominate

Features may include:

Engine & Drivetrain
  • Cool upgrades

Heat can be the enemy of power and durability, so we’ve made a bunch of upgrades to the CRF250R’s DOHC engine to keep things cooler and improve performance. The oil path to the camshaft has been changed to increase flow and reduce heat, plus more-rigid camshaft holders and cylinder head improve camshaft accuracy while also reducing friction and, again, heat. New dual intake-valve springs and a re-aligned rocker-arm shaft improve valve-timing accuracy particularly at higher revs, as well as further assisting in heat reduction. It all adds up to a cooler, more durable, better performing engine.

  • More torque

More torque at low revs means better drive out of corners, so our engineers changed the shape of the piston and connecting rod and optimized valve timing to help improve combustion consistency and thereby exhaust efficiency at lower revs. The bridged-box design of the piston uses a reinforcing structure between the skirt and the wrist-pin bosses that helps enable a high redline. Big torque down low, huge power up top. A winning formula.

Suspension & Handling
  • New, lighter frame

To match the improved engine performance, Honda engineers upgraded the frame to CRF450R-spec, resulting in improved stability while also saving 700 grams of weight. As well, a new rear subframe saves an additional 320 grams.

  • Showa spring fork

Mounted in a new triple clamp engineered to optimize rigidity, the 49 mm Showa fork has a slimmer shape but maintains its conventional spring design that helps increase front-suspension precision, handling, and feel. The 39 mm piston diameter and 25 mm rod diameter help to ensure a plush feel and supple action.

  • Electric start

Convenient and lightweight, the electric starter is a huge advantage if you need to restart the engine in the heat of battle. Like the rest of the bike, the lithium-ion battery is both super light and high performing, weighing less than half that of a conventional lead-acid battery.

  • Bigger radiator

Another way the CRF250R keeps its cool: a bigger radiator, with more fins that are angled for better airflow.