2020 Stock# T1056

Tent Trailers


Venter Savuti Camper Trailer Features:
A deep body of over 19in for those larger items.
Large 14 inch wheels for rough terrain, plus spare wheel
Four extension legs providing stability on uneven ground
A robust roof rack and table compartment
The trailer is fitted with a secure gas cylinder compartment, for two gas cylinders mounted on the front A-Frame
A quality tent with ladder for two adults is fitted to the trailer
Two jerry can containers mounted on the rear sides of the trailer
A wide rear tailgate for access to the trailer interior
A twin gas lift assisted flip-up trailer lid allowing for easy access to the trailer interior, even with the two-man tent attached
6 inch adjustable jockey wheel with two fitted bearings
36 inch 8 blade leaf springs
8 ring holders for securing luggage inside
Hot dip galvanised cast iron coupler
Multi-function LED lights
Independent tailgate able to open and close with the trailer lid down
Strong construction using 30% more steel than standard trailers allowing for 4x4 conditions

For more information click here: http://www.ventertrailersbc.com/index.php