2021 Honda CRF450RX


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2021 Honda® CRF450RX

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Engine & Electronics
  • The Best Get Better

Re-imagined, re-engineered, re-energized. Making the best 450 even better required major changes to just about every component, with the result being a bike that’s lighter, more powerful, better handling, and even easier to ride fast.

  • Ultimate Off-Road Weapon

Under the development theme of The Ultimate Off-Road Weapon, the CRF450RX is 5 lb. lighter thanks mainly to a revised frame and subframe. The new frame and swingarm’s rigidity balance, combined with tighter chassis geometry and suspension changes, all help to create optimal cornering performance.

  • Feel The Power

A significant increase in peak power above 5,000 RPM is accompanied by stronger low-RPM torque feel, thanks to a larger airbox feeding a new 46 mm throttle body that improves intake efficiency and makes active use of latent vaporization in the inlet ports. The injector angle has been radically changed — to 60 degrees from 30 degrees — spraying fuel all the way back to the butterfly valve, which improves intake efficiency, throttle feel, and cooling of the charge.

Chassis & Suspension
  • Strong, Lightweight Frame

With direct input from the HRC race team, the twin-spar aluminium frame has been thoroughly revised for 2021 to reduce weight and to elevate every aspect of its cornering ability. Thanks to narrower main spars and a redesigned subframe, it is significantly lighter than it's predecessor. Chassis dynamics are also new — while torsional rigidity is maintained, lateral rigidity has been reduced by 20% to increase corner speed, traction, and steering accuracy. The aluminium swingarm has a new rigidity balance tuned to match the frame, with narrower arms and pivot point, plus a revised Pro-Link ratio.

  • Oval Exhaust Ports

Big changes to the 450 cc Unicam engine’s exhaust ports. As with the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, their exit is oval rather than round in shape for improved efficiency, and the twin exhaust design of the previous model has been replaced by a single downpipe and muffler, saving a full 1.24 kg (2.7 lb.). The downpipe also tucks in 74 mm closer to the centre line, improving rider ergonomics.

  • Race-Proven Suspension

Fully adjustable, the 49 mm Showa USD coil-spring fork is a version of the Showa 'factory' fork supplied to race teams in the Japanese championship. For smoother cornering performance, the fork has been revalved, stroke lengthened by 5 mm, and the axle clamps’ rigidity increased. The Showa rear shock’s main piston valve has been enlarged for faster response and improved bump absorption; its spring also uses the world’s lightest steel, saving 200 grams.

  • High-Capacity Resin Fuel Tank

For longer cross-country loops, the CRF450RX features a bigger fuel tank that holds a full 8 litres.

  • Lighter Seat

The seat is now shorter, lighter, and 10 mm lower at the rear to aid freedom of movement. It’s also much easier to remove and install. Overall, the bike is slimmer by 70 mm to make it feel and act even more nimble.

  • New Hand Guards

When the going gets extra tough, you’ll appreciate the new hand guards added to the CRF450RX for 2021.