2019 Yamaha BWS 50


2019 49cc liquid-cooled, single 4 stroke

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2019 Yamaha BWS 50


Big on fun and easy on the wallet, the gas-sipping 4-stroke BWs 50 is your ticket to an independent city lifestyle. Designed to take the urban mobility concept to an exciting new level, you'll love the ride and enjoy the freedom of the BWs 50.


The BWs 50's 49 cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 4-stroke engine produces peppy, easy-to-use power with incredible fuel economy. The concept of this environmentally-friendly engine is solid performance with low emissions and excellent fuel economy..


Spacious 23-litre, lockable under-seat storage can hold selected full-face helmets or other items like a backpack, groceries, laptop computer or rain suit.


The BWs 50's fuel consumption is approximately 1.8 L/100 km ( 158 Imperial mpg). Your actual consumption may vary.

Features may include:

  • 49cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 3-valve, fuel injected, 4-stroke engine produces peppy, easy to use power with incredible fuel economy.
  • Fuel consumption rating of approximately 1.8 L/100 km or 158 mpg (Imperial).Your actual consumption may vary.
  • Fast, dependable electric starting.
  • Rugged "underbone-style" steel frame.
  • Wheelbase, centre of gravity, weight distribution and tire design, have all been engineered to provide light, agile handling and great manoeuvrability.
  • 26 mm hydraulic front fork.
  • Handy front mounted storage pocket for small items like cell phone or wallet.
  • Rugged rear cargo rack. Rack can be used as mount for accessory top box
  • Front mounted folding hook for additional carrying convenience, perfect for bags & handbags