2019 Yamaha YZ250F



Dirt Motocross


2019 Yamaha YZ250FX



The high-flying, high-paced action of motocross is not for everyone. As a result, the slightly less intense world of cross country / hare scramble racing is a popular alternative. The YZ250FX is a cross-country-focused model with the performance potential of the YZ250F. If you are serious about winning, the YZ250FX could be the machine for you.


The YZ250FX uses the reversed-cylinder, rearward-slanted engine from the previous-gen YZ250F with modified fuel injection settings, electric start and a 6-speed transmission.


Featuring a KYB speed-sensitive fork and fully adjustable KYB rear shock, the FX uses the same suspension as its MX cousin with softer settings and slightly more rear wheel travel. Also included is a lightweight aluminum side stand, adjustable handlebar and an 18-inch rear wheel.

Features may include:


"Reversed" liquid-cooled, 250 cc, DOHC, 4-valve (titanium), single-cylinder engine with fuel injection. The engine has been tuned for excellent rideability and controllability and delivers a broad, easy-to-use powerband with excellent power characteristics throughout the rev range. 2018 model changes improve power delivery in both low-to-mid and mid-to-top-end performance.

Rearward-slanted, reversed cylinder design.

  • rearward slant moves a significant amount of rotating weight toward the centre of the chassis
  • rearward-slanted cylinder centralizes mass for excellent handling and a light, agile feel

"Reversed" engine design (FI system is front-mounted, exhaust exits from rear of cylinder).

  • forward-mounted FI provides straight intake path into the cylinder and provides optimum fuel/ air filling and flow for excellent power
  • front mounted intake design keeps fuel cooler since engine heat has less effect on incoming fuel (cooler fuel is more dense and increases power)

Electric start with auto decompression system. Unit can be re-started in any gear.


Compact bilateral beam aluminum frame.

  • frame design centralizes mass for exceptional handling and agility
  • frame offers an optimum balance between strength, rigidity and tuned flex, plus excellent shock absorbing qualities
  • frame design offers excellent rider-machine communication (a.k.a. feedback)

Lightweight, tapered aluminum swingarm.

  • lightweight design reduces unsprung weight for excellent suspension performance
  • excellent rear wheel traction and control
  • large 25 mm rear axle


  • Convenient oil level sight glass
  • Lightweight, extra wide foot pegs
  • Folding shift lever tip helps prevent damage
  • Lightweight chain guide / support helps reduce chance of chain derailment and helps protect rear sprocket
  • Heavy duty rubber swingarm protector (chain)
  • Heavy duty sealed "O" ring drive chain