2019 Yamaha WR450F





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2019 Yamaha WR450F


The WR450F celebrates its 20th year in production with a complete revision based on the latest-generation YZ450F motocross platform. Linear, tractable power, pinpoint handling, proven Yamaha reliability and YZ-derived performance make the new WR450F a wise choice for today's most demanding enduro racers and recreational enthusiasts alike.


Powering the new WR450F is the latest reverse-fed, mass-centralized 449 cc single from the current YZ450F, but with specific enduro settings. Layout and specifications are the same as the YZ450F engine, but the intake and exhaust systems, fuel injection and ignition advance maps are tuned to provide the fast enduro rider with stronger and longer-lasting pulling power at high rpm.


Using the same bilateral beam frame and proven KYB suspension as the current YZ450F, the WR450F has been tuned for the enduro environment. The result is excellent stability, feedback, response and light handling.

Features may include:

YZ450F-based, "reversed" liquid-cooled, 450 cc, DOHC, 4-valve (titanium), 4-stroke, single with fuel injection & electric starting.

engine has been tuned for excellent rideability & control

broad, easy-to-use powerband

Rearward-slanted, reversed cylinder design.

rearward slant moves a significant amount of rotating weight toward the centre of the chassis

rearward-slanted design centralizes mass for excellent handling & a light feel

"Reversed" engine design - FI system is front-mounted, exhaust exits from rear of cylinder.

FI throttle body & air box are front-mounted, providing a straight intake path

straight intake path into the cylinder provides optimum fuel/ air flow for excellent power

YZ450F based, compact, lightweight bilateral beam aluminum frame.

centralizes mass for exceptional handling & manoeuverability

frame offers an optimum rigidity balance between strength, rigidity & tuned flex, plus excellent shock absorbing qualities

Lightweight, tapered aluminum swingarm.

lightweight design reduces unsprung weight for optimum suspension performance

excellent rear wheel traction & control

Lightweight detachable rear sub frame.

constructed of square-section, lightweight aluminum pipe with no bends

allows easy access when servicing rear suspension components