2019 Yamaha YZ450F





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2019 Yamaha YZ450F



After a laundry list of significant upgrades in 2018, the YZ450F gets refined for 2019 with optimized suspension settings to further enhance its on-track capability. With highlights including the wireless Power Tuner app, electric start, launch control, a potent fuel-injected four-stroke engine and a race-ready chassis, the ultimate motocrosser is ready to take you straight from the showroom floor to the podium.


The 449 cc reversed, rear slanting engine receives new cams, valve springs and intake port. New piston with optimized underside ribs makes it lighter and stronger. The result is a higher compression ratio at 12.8:1 delivering a more power, than ever before.


The YZ450F's lightweight, bilateral beam aluminum frame is mated to industry-leading KYB suspension with speed-sensitive damping out front and a specially-tuned linkage-type rear suspension for optimal handling, bump-absorption and straight-line acceleration on any terrain.


The groundbreaking Power Tuner app makes it easy to modify fuel mapping directly from your Smartphone based on track conditions, track maintenance intervals and share settings with teammates or friends. Easy to operate and free to download, the Power Tuner app uses onboard Wi-Fi to communicate with the bike's CCU and allows you to tune like never before.

Features may include:


Reversed, liquid-cooled, 449 cc, DOHC, 4-valve (titanium), fuel injected, single-cylinder engine.

Electric starting.

  • super convenient electric starting means faster re-starts and significantly reduced rider fatigue
  • compact electric starter powered by a lightweight lithium ion battery

"Reversed" engine design (FI system is front mounted, exhaust exits from rear of cylinder).

  • FI throttle body and air box are front mounted, providing a straight intake path
  • straight shot intake path provides optimum fuel / air / exhaust flow for excellent power
  • front mounted intake keeps fuel cooler since engine heat has less effect on incoming fuel (cooler fuel is more dense and increases power)

Rearward slanted, reversed cylinder design centralizes mass.

  • rearward slant has been revised
  • rearward slant moves a significant amount of rotating weight toward the centre of the chassis, centralizing mass for light, agile handling


Compact, lightweight bilateral-beam aluminum frame.

  • new frame offers an optimum rigidity balance between strength, rigidity and tuned flex, while also providing excellent shock absorbing qualities
  • large upper frame bracing provides rigidity and durability

Lightweight, tapered aluminum swingarm.

  • lightweight design reduces unsprung weight for optimum suspension performance
  • excellent rear wheel traction and control
  • 25 mm rear axle


  • Lightweight 520 drive chain
  • Quick-adjust clutch perch
  • Extra wide 55 mm foot pegs provide excellent grip
  • Convenient oil level sight glass
  • Folding shift lever tip helps prevent damage