2016 Yamaha YZ450 F


2016 449cc Liquid-cooled, Single 4 stroke

Dirt MotocrossBlue/white exteriorBlue/white interior


2016 Yamaha YZ450F


Featuring a "reversed" rear slanted engine design for mass centralization, minimal bodywork and a proven suspension system, the YZ450F offers class leading power in a 250 sized chassis.

Key Improvement for 2016
  • New quick release fasteners on the air box cover
  • Revised return spring on throttle body
  • Revised shift cam stopper
  • Revised front engine mounts
  • New ECU settings
  • Revised fork spring rate
  • New Dunlop MX52 tires
  • Black Excel rims
Features May Include
  • The design goals for the YZ450F are a balance of easy cornering, a lightweight & compact feeling due to excellent mass centralization and a deep, useable power band.
  • "Reversed" liquid-cooled, 450cc, DOHC, 4-valve (titanium), 4-stroke, single with fuel injection. The engine has been tuned for excellent "ride-ability and controllability" and delivers a broad power band with "deeper power" in the higher rpm range.
  • Unique engine design features a rearward slanting cylinder that is "reversed" compared to traditional designs. The FI throttle body and air box are front mounted and provide a straight intake path, while the exhaust exits from the rear of the cylinder. This design is used to centralize mass for excellent handling and a light feeling. It also means that engine heat will have less "heating effect" on the incoming fuel charge (cooler fuel helps increase power). The other major benefit is the straight shot intake system which maximizes power output. The engine is slanted 7.5 degrees rearward.
  • Compact "Bilateral Beam" aluminum frame centralizes mass for exceptional handling and a lightweight feeling. The frame is made up of forged, cast and extruded aluminum parts providing outstanding strength, an optimum rigidity balance and shock absorbing qualities that contribute to exceptional cornering. This frame is compact and offers excellent "rider - machine communication" (a.k.a. feedback). The engineers have optimized the balance between strength, rigidity and flex. The key goal of the chassis is faster and easier cornering ... one of the main keys to winning races.
  • Lightweight, tapered aluminum swingarm is produced using "hydro forming", a special method that uses high pressure liquid to form shapes. The swingarm pivot shaft is 17mm.
  • Lightweight detachable rear sub frame is constructed of square-section, lightweight aluminum pipe with no bends. The detachable design allows easy access when servicing rear suspension components.
Details May Include
  • Clutch cable features integrated silicone grease in the cable and a Teflon liner for smooth cable operation.
  • Convenient oil level sight glass window
  • Lightweight, extra wide foot pegs provide excellent grip and ground clearance.
  • Folding shift lever tip helps prevent damage.
  • Lightweight chain guide / support helps reduce chance of chain derailment and also helps protect the rear sprocket.
  • Heavy duty DID 520 drive chain with lightweight Sun Star rear sprocket
  • Heavy duty rubber swingarm protector
  • Easy access Power Tuner and Yamaha Diagnostic tool connectors
  • E10 friendly fuel system components