2020 Arctic Cat M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One 165/3.00" Manual





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2020 Arctic Cat® M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One 165/3.00" Manual

Built for Big Air and Big Climbs, with ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension

Hardcore doesn’t flinch at big challenges or stiff competition. It conquers the backcountry with the revolutionary ALPHA ONE™ Single-Beam Rear Suspension and easily adjustable coil-over FOX® ZERO shocks.

Features may include:
  • ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension

Our single-beam rear suspension unlocks more maneuverability than any mountain snowmobile in history. Up here, there's only one alpha.

  • Ascender Platform

The Ascender Platform brings together an arsenal of innovations that deliver the highest level of backcountry performance and handling for every Arctic Cat Mountain Snowmobile.

  • 8000-Series C-TEC2

The Hardcore Alpha One's 8000-series engine packs serious power into a highly maneuverable snowmobile.

  • AMS Front Suspension

Lightweight spindles and a precision-engineered suspension geometry let you maneuver through deep snow and anything else the mountain has in store.

  • FOX® 1.5 ZERO QS3 Coil-Over Ski Shocks

Quickly adjust these FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 shocks to any of three compression settings, and get plush performance on bumps from coil-over springs.