2019 Honda CRF450L


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2019 450

Dual PurposeRED exteriorRED interior


SALE!! NO FREIGHT, NO PDI ON THE ALL NEW CRF450L!! Selling Price is after any Rebates if applicable.

2019 Honda® CRF450L

Redefine excitement

Features may include:

Engine & Drivetrain
  • Strong, confident power

Truly noticeable power and torque from the bottom up allows the rider to experience all the rear-wheel grip possible – no matter what the terrain

  • Six-speed transmission

A six-speed gearbox offers a convenient longer range of use on the road

  • Dynamic performance

With an increase in the crank's mass, you'll enjoy 13% more inertia when out on the trail – this means more torque feel and response.

  • Smooth response

A newly-revised valve timing helps to produce a broader, smoother spread of power and torque

  • Quieter Quiet operation

Redesigned engine covers and a urethane-injected aluminium swingarm helps with the overall noise reduction

  • Improved charging

A high-volume battery unit and updated alternator provides the required electrical power for the LED lights while also maintaining a battery charge during low-speed running

  • Programmed for power

The same bore and stroke as the CRF450R (96 mm x 62.1 mm) is maintained, but durability is improved thanks to the piston now using 3 rings.

  • Built to last

A truly reliable engine and top build quality translates into a real-world service schedule of 32,000 km between major engine stripdowns – with an air and oil filter change every 1,000 km.

Chassis & Suspension
  • Designed for durability

The CRF450L’s style draws inspiration directly from the CRF450R, with nods to the rear mudguard, side panels and skid plate

  • One cool ride

A large volume radiator and an electric fan helps to keep the engine cool – in all riding conditions

  • Trusted titanium

The CRF450L boasts a 7.6 litre titanium fuel tank.

  • Gaining traction

Dig in deep with 18-inch rear and 21-inch front, enduro spec DOT tires

Additional Features
  • Directly inspired by its predecessor

The CRF450L is a dual-purpose bike that draws from the legacy and high performance of the CRF450R race machine – alll with many additonal "normal" service intervals and high-quality road components

  • Lighting the way

Adavnced LED lighting illuminates the headlights, turn signals, and tail lights