2019 Yamaha YZ250X (2-Stroke)





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2019 Yamaha YZ250X (2-Stroke)



Cross country and enduro racing have been experiencing increased popularity and growth. Based on the legendary YZ250 two-stroke, the X model has been developed using all of Yamaha's extensive two-stroke knowledge to produce a high-level cross country performer. The YZ250X is a lightweight, compact machine that is both exciting to ride and affordable to own and maintain.


The YZ250X is a super light weight package that offers serious two-stroke power. The engineers modified the cylinder head, adjusted the compression ratio, revised the exhaust port timing and changed the gear ratios in the 5-speed transmission to better suit cross country racing (vs. the base YZ250). The YZ250X engine offers a good depth of power with an easy-to-use engine character.


Cross-country-focused chassis features include softer suspension settings front and rear, an 18-inch rear wheel for more puncture resistance, an aluminum side stand and a fuel petcock that offers a reserve position for peace of mind (vs. YZ250).

Features may include:


Lightweight, compact, liquid-cooled, 249cc, piston-reed-valve-inducted, 2-stroke.

  • super crisp, instant "right now" engine power (when in the "power band")
  • easy & economical to maintain, service & rebuild

Key engine differences Vs YZ250.

  • revised cylinder head volume Vs. YZ250 (slight increase in volume Vs. YZ250)
  • 7.9:1 compression ratio (slightly less than YZ250)
  • revised YPVS power valve (actuation rpm & shape)


Lightweight, aluminum, semi-double-cradle frame.

  • combines with compact engine to provide an awesome power to weight ratio
  • obvious benefit of an aluminum frame is a significant weight reduction
  • Yamaha maintains the semi-double cradle design because it offers an excellent "rigidity balance" between lateral & torsional rigidity while offering controlled flex in the longitudinal plane
  • result is a light aluminum frame, which provides excellent handling, good ride quality, excellent stability & responsive cornering performance

Removable rear subframe.

  • constructed of square-section, lightweight aluminum
  • detachable design allows easy access when servicing rear suspension components
  • reduces costs in the event of a loop out


  • Slim design, aggressive bodywork allows easy rider movements
  • Lightweight YZ250F/450F based wide footpegs provide excellent grip & ground clearance
  • Rugged chain guide helps prevent the chain from de-railing and also helps to protect the rear sprocket.
  • Serrated rear brake lever and folding shift lever tip
  • Stainless steel, inner clutch cable provides excellent strength, smooth action and long life
  • Heavy-duty 520 "O" ring chain