2016 Honda CRF250R


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2016 250

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Very low hour bike, estimate 30 hours. Great shape, ready to rip. Easy to start fuel injected motor. Very friendly yet capable bike. Great for novice to pro riders......Price is MSRP...Finance Fees and Taxes are extra...but are all included in the payments

2016 Honda® CRF®250R

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Features May Include:

  • Effortless directional changes on the fly

Unique 4-valve Unicam cylinder head has very compact dimensions, allowing it to be ideally placed for excellent mass centralization. This helps make it even easier for a rider to change direction, on the ground or in the air.

  • Programmed for power

The Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system has new mapping to take full advantage of the upgraded engine components.

  • Even more power

Increased cam lift, new titanium exhaust valves, new valve springs, and updates to cylinder-head porting, piston shape and connecting-rod shape, add up to an engine that’s more powerful than ever.

  • Engine Mode Select button

The CRF®250R’s Engine Mode Select (EMS) system lets you modify fuel-injection and ignition mapping with the simple push of a handlebar-mounted button – perfect for dialing in the best power curve for better starts, better drive out of corners, better traction, or simply to better suit your riding style. Modes two and three can even be fine-tuned using the optional HRC setting tool. Mode selection is easily accomplished without changing the rider's hand position or shutting down the engine (as long as the engine is idling).

  • Improved air and exhaust flow

The air-intake tube has been revised and the mufflers feature larger outlet diameters for improved breathing and flow, which has increased top-end power.

  • Excellent feel & feedback

Twin-spar aluminum chassis offers the benefit of a low centre of gravity with excellent feel and feedback. Designed to work in concert with the Showa air fork and the Honda® Progressive Steering Damper, the chassis combines excellent stability with right-now turning precision.

  • Precise handling

The Honda® Progressive Steering Damper allows more-aggressive chassis geometry for quicker steering, while also assisting straight-line handling. Damping action smoothly progresses as handlebar deflection increases, which produces very natural steering characteristics and feel.

  • Improved air fork

The inverted Showa air fork designed specifically for the CRF®250R includes a number of clever innovations. By separating air-spring and damping functions between left and right fork legs respectively, overall weight balance from left to right is improved when the weight of the brake is included. The left fork with its air spring not only offers reduced weight, but its three-chambered design allows separate adjustment of ride height and "spring" rate. Together these innovations result in reduced weight, improved balance, superior suspension action and simplified adjustability. The fork is also 5 mm longer for 2016 to enhance stability

  • Full adjustment

Pro-link rear Showa suspension offers full damping adjustability and over 12 inches of smooth, well-controlled travel.

  • Stop hard

  • Move freely

Optimized rider ergonomics with a very narrow midsection allow you to move freely on the bike and fully utilize the CRF®’s incredible agility.

  • Easy to adjust

Quick-adjust clutch perch simplifies cable adjustment.

  • Reduced rider fatigue

Aluminum handlebar is rubber-mounted to reduce rider fatigue and improve comfort.

  • Comfort paired with control

Wide, long footpegs offer greater support for more comfort and control.

  • Preventative indicator

The engine stop switch with integrated LED indicator lets you know if the PGM-FI system is working properly.