2016 Yeti SnowMX 120






2016 Yeti SnowMX 129

Yeti SMX 120 for an extra row of paddles on the ground, keeping it nimble while giving you lightweight awesome climbing power. Best of all around riding home and mountains. Laying down the power smooth and simple, taking you to the top.

Features May Include:
  • Each yeti features metric fine thread titanium bolts with 2 main hex head sizes, 17mm and 12mm, allowing you to pack less tools saving you more weight, simple.
  • Syncrodrive belt drive system, easy to swap drive gears with splined shafts. Bring a spare gear try different combo’s. Ride at 75mph + on trails with your 5 speed close ratio transmission.
  • Billet 7075 drive plate and tension arm with built in belt tension gauge, easy to use.
  • Wildwood brake caliper is located on the driveshaft where is stays free of snow, is protected and provides consistent braking, without fade, using a “breaking” rotor by sunstar designed to yeti specifications.
  • “Reactor” rear suspension by “nextech”with titanium front arm, fox float 3 shocks, ice age rails, titanium fasteners, easy adjust rear axle, 7075 anodized cross shafts, 9” of rear travel and 6” of front.
  • Eccentric cam chain adjust system. Keeps the chain in a concentric shape at all times, increasing efficiency.
  • All aluminum components are anodized/hard anodized. Steel components zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Structural carbon chassis in varying thicknesses where it is required, ultimate in strength yet light.
  • Maxtrak and maxkeel ski both designed with a 20” radius underneath, allowing you to feel like you are riding on a set of tires. Corner with speed and control.
  • Maxkell ski features a hardox centre skag, and hardox side blades, the ultimate in wear resistant materials, lasting up to 400% more than carbon steel.
  • Maxkeel ski with exoskeleton and parabolic design, holds the line in the corners without any ski push over icy trails, climbs quickly on top of the powder and keeps the snow out of your radiators.
  • Front spindle designed for use with freewheel wheel kit (sold separately) from inception, allowing you to easily move, load, or ride your bike without scratching your floor or damaging your centre skag.
  • Bike adaptors for each bike are billet, one piece, and bolted in to fit your bike, no spacers, or bushings.
  • Bearings are press fit for ultimate shaft and bearing life.
  • One special tool designed for the removal of all shafts, all parts designed from the start to be assembled and disassembled (purchased separately).
  • One special tool for installation of shafts (purchased separately).
  • Most parts have part number machined/stamped or printed on them for easy reference.
  • Integrated fuel tank holds 17.5l (4.62us gal). Comes with rear mount and quick pin release system. Moves 28 lbs of weight 18” ahead when compared to a rear mount system, a difference you can feel. Fuel tank does not touch the carbon. Fuel tank removes from chassis in less than 5 seconds (sold separately).
  • Yeti cargo rail system is integrated into the tank mount for simplicity.
  • Each yeti comes with a 80” steel braided brake line to hook to your front master cylinder.
  • Ach yeti comes with an d.i.d. brand “x” ring or “o” ring chain depending on length for your specific bike.
  • Yeti comes with a 1 year parts warranty on all parts, from date of purchase, for defects in workmanship.
  • It is the owners responsibility to register their yeti’s vin number for the warranty to apply (see website or owners manual for specific details).