2017 KTM 300 XC-W

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Stock #: 2317328
Type: Enduros
Exterior Colour: ORANGE
Interior Colour: ORANGE

2017 KTM 300 XC-W

4-stroke rivals, beware: this tool might just be the sharpest in the shed. It’s hard to find a better power-to-weight ratio in the world of Enduro. If you want torque by the bucket loads, a top-end to die for and a lightweight chassis ready to rise to any occasion, give this 300 cc lightning bolt a go.

Features may include:
  • The 300 XC-W will reigns supreme, thanks to its all-new engine architecture with a new shaft arrangement for better mass centralization, a new cylinder with twin-valve controlled power valve, a new counterbalancer shaft for less engine vibrations, a new electric starter, a reworked 6-speed transmission and a hydraulically operated DDS clutch. This compact powerplant lays down the law in terms of 2-stroke power and torque and is the right choice for lovers of low purchase and maintenance costs. Oh, and of course don’t forget that 2-stroke symphony when you’re on the pipe.

  • The newly developed cylinder of the 300 XC-W, with a bore of 72mm, has all-new ports and is fitted with a revised power valve system. This system features a sophisticated mechanism for the lateral support exhaust ports, providing smooth and controllable power on tap. Furthermore, it’s possible to change the bike’s power character in seconds thanks to two supplied powervalve springs. Limitless settings for different tracks and preferences are up for grabs. Throw everything you have at it; new water jackets in the cylinder and head will take care of excess heat and reworked lateral cylinder head brackets allow a more efficient fixation of the engine to the frame via two lightweight headstays. This is a serious piece of kit.

  • These all-new die-cast engine cases feature an 8mm higher clutch shaft and a 27mm higher crankshaft position, resulting in better mass centralization, which improves handling. In addition, it allows the implementation of a counter balance shaft. So your ride will be as relaxed as it is rapid. Plus, your new favorite engine will keep looking as fresh as the day you bought it - redesigned engine covers feature a smart surface structure in order to reduce the wear caused by the rider’s boots.

  • Its 72mm stroke stayed, the rest is brand new. Rebalanced, revamped and set-up with a counter balance shaft to kill vibrations, not your vibe. Compared to the SX engine it has more inertia due to a heavier ignition rotor. This helps you feed in the power and provides maximum traction in places where you think all is lost.

  • The 300cm3 2-stroke engine is equipped with a new electric starter, safely stowed away below the engine. Compared to its predecessor’s, its motor is less complex and much more reliable. And thanks to a powerful new lithium ion battery, this powerhouse will fire up time and time again.

  • As of model year 2017, all KTM 2-stroke models are fitted with new MIKUNI TMX carburetors, replacing the Keihin products. This 38mm flat slide carb lives to provide smooth and controllable power all the way up to the limiter. And it’s less sensitive to different altitudes and temperatures, so you can pin it wherever, whenever.

  • Say goodbye to numb feet and hands. The new engine design created room for a lateral counter balance shaft in order to reduce the vibration level drastically, with 50% less vibes in the handlebar and foot pegs. You know what that means: more comfort, less fatigue and more miles.

  • The engineers meticulously tuned the expansion chamber for maximum power. An advanced 3-D production process now guarantees higher precision manufacturing for a strong pipe that provides perfectly tuned power.

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