2017 KTM 250 XC-W

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Stock #: 2317324
Type: Enduros
Exterior Colour: ORANGE
Interior Colour: ORANGE

2017 KTM 250 XC-W


When the smoke clears, you’ll be the last rider standing. The new KTM 250 XC-W is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world of Enduro, pummeling it’s more complex 4-Stroke rivals. All muscle, no fat: this 2-stroke machine is as lean as it is powerful.

Features may include:
  • The engine of the 250 XC-W has been known and respected for being the most powerful 2-stroke engine in its class. It’s obvious that 2-Strokes have a future at KTM. Their outstanding power-to-weight ratio, low cost and simplicity make them a viable alternative to more complicated and expensive 4-Strokes. Putting our money where our mouth is, we gave the 250 XC-W engine an all new architecture with a new shaft arrangement for better mass centralization, a new cylinder with twin-valve controlled power valve, a new counterbalancer shaft for less engine vibrations, a new electric starter, a 6-speed wide-ratio transmission and a hydraulically operated DDS clutch. This compact powerplant truly outshines the competition with its ripping performance and is the right choice for lovers of low purchase and maintenance costs. Oh, and of course don’t forget that 2-stroke symphony when you’re on the pipe.

  • The newly developed cylinder of the 250 XC-W, with a bore of 66.4mm, has all-new ports and is fitted with a revised power valve system. This system features a sophisticated mechanism for the lateral support exhaust ports, providing smooth and controllable power on tap. Furthermore, it’s possible to change the bike’s power character in seconds thanks to two supplied powervalve springs. Limitless settings for different tracks and preferences are up for grabs. Throw everything you have at it; new water jackets in the cylinder and head will take care of excess heat and reworked lateral cylinder head brackets allow a more efficient fixation of the engine to the frame via two lightweight headstays. This is a serious piece of kit.

  • These all-new die-cast engine cases feature an 8mm higher clutch shaft and a 27mm higher crankshaft position, resulting in better mass centralization, which improves handling. In addition, it allows the implementation of a counter balance shaft. So your ride will be as relaxed as it is rapid. Plus, your new favorite engine will keep looking as fresh as the day you bought it - redesigned engine covers feature a smart surface structure in order to reduce the wear caused by the rider’s boots.

  • The 250 XC-W employs the KTM-developed DDS clutch (damped diaphragm steel) with a wear-free steel basket and extremely heat resistant clutch plates. This clever design employs a diaphragm spring instead of the usual coil springs, making for considerably easier clutch action. A diaphragm spring also leaves sufficient space for a damping system to be integrated into the clutch hub. The goal is traction, but durability is as well. A lighter basket, a reworked inner hub and a pressure plate providing better oil supply and unsurpassed cooling up the longevity of the DDS clutch. Light operation and telepathic amounts of control are standard with this hydraulic Brembo actuated clutch.

  • This reworked 6-speed Enduro gearbox has the same gear ratios as its predecessor, but our engineers took a close look at the mechanism in order to provide you with more precise and easier shifting. An advanced ´No Dirt´ gear lever design prevents mud or dirt build-up in the joint. Because even dirt lovers hate mud when it’s in the wrong places

  • Say goodbye to numb feet and hands. The new engine design created room for a lateral counter balance shaft in order to reduce the vibration level drastically, with 50% less vibes in the handlebar and foot pegs. You know what that means: more comfort, less fatigue and more miles.

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