2011 Moomba Outback V 20'

$59,797  Sold
Tow and Stow Dry Marina
Contact: Tow and Stow Dry Marina
Location: West Kelowna
Phone: 250-769-2229

Website: www.towandstow.com

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Stock #: Moom1001
Type: Ski & Wakeboard Boat
Engine: 325hp 5.7L, V8, EFI
Exterior Colour: Red/White
Interior Colour: White

The Outback V is Moomba’s best crossover boat
which should come as little surprise when you see its list of available features. The optional multi-sport wake plate fine-tunes this 20-footer’s wake for everything from open-water slalom sets to recreational wakeboarding
and the standard Rad-a-cage tower and pylon have you covered no matter what activity you choose. Properly weight it and the Outback V also cranks out one of Moomba’s best wakesurfing wakes
which is no small feat for a boat its size.
At just under 20 feet long
the Outback V is designed to more than meet small-lake length restrictions. That compact size also makes this boat easy to trailer
simple to store and fun to drive. Yet the 2011 Outback V is both deeper and heavier than previous versions
which creates a V-drive wake that will appeal to the strongest riders and allows passengers of all sizes to ride safely and comfortably.
Pump up the wakeboarding potential of the Outback V with Moomba’s new Performance Pro Package. This wakeboarding-friendly upgrade includes everything from 1,200 pounds of Gravity III ballast and digital cruise control to a six-speaker stereo system and the wake-shaping function of the multisport wake plate
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